Introducing the C-ACTION Portable Personal Trainer



C-ACTION is a mobile trainer that lets you to train where you want!
The 24" C-ACTION PRO weighs 10 pounds, and is perfect for homes and gyms. The 18" C-ACTION GO weighs 6 pounds, and is perfect for taking to work, school and even on vacation.


C-ACTION can be used for a many activities, but it excels at activities like Yoga and Pilates!

C-ACTION provides cushioning support for sitting, planking and stretching; and the cover flips over to provide a non-skid mat!


C-ACTION can take all the punishment you can dish out, because it was designed specifically for Boxing, MMA and High Intensity Training.

C-ACTION can be hung on a wall or door for striking or on the floor for ground and pound.


C-ACTION comes with an attachable band that increases resistance and helps build strength.

But you can also use other strength training equipment like dumbbells, barbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.


C-ACTION is perfect for coaches, personal trainers, fitness classes or training with friends and family.

With C-ACTION you can bring the class to them!


C-ACTION will save you thousands of dollars on fitness equipment and gym memberships.

Support our Kickstarter campaign and save up to 50% off the retail price ($299.99 for the GO and $349.99 for the PRO).



People spend more time "going" to the gym than working out in it, because they lose energy and motivation on the way.

With C-ACTION you can eliminate travel time and get right to working out!


Most fitness equipment is designed for one exercise or activity; So if you want to work your entire body you need thousands of dollars of equipment.

With C-ACTION you only need one piece of extremely affordable equipment!


C-ACTION takes up a fraction of the space of most fitness equipment.

Even so-called "portable" pieces of equipment like stability balls take up two to three times the space of one C-ACTION!


Fitness classes are great, but no one can go all the time; And the longer you go without practicing an activity the father behind you fall.

Practice yoga, martial arts or any other activity with C-ACTION everyday and you'll see a tremendous improvement in almost no time!


It only takes five minutes of activity for your brain to send joy inducing endorphins to your entire body.

Try a C-ACTION break, and see how much better you feel!


The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of exercise per day.

C-ACTION eliminates any reason you could have to miss out on daily activity, ensuring you a healthy mind and body!



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